MAXFLO Downdraft Tables - 3 Styles

MAXFLO DD Series Downdraft Tables

Downdraft Tables
MAXFLO-DD Downdraft Table

Dimensional Drawings
MAXFLO DD-22 2x2
MAXFLO DD-23 2x3
MAXFLO DD-34 3x4
MAXFLO DD-36 3x6

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MAXFLO DD Series downdraft tables are industrial grade and designed to offer 250 FPM downdraft velocities. This downdraft velocity draws contaminates downward out of the worker's breathing zone without hindering the worker's movement or productivity. MAXFLO downdraft tables have vertical cartridge filters that provide low air to cloth ratios which translates to high efficiency and longer filter life. Our downdraft tables feature reverse pulse cleaning that cleans the filters while they are in the unit, eliminating messy filter maintenance. MAXFLO-DD downdraft tables offer four standard size tables with custom sizes available. Our downdraft tables are design to exceed OSHA standards, offer quiet operation, ship fully assembled and ready to plug and play. Typical downdraft applications are welding, cutting, buffing, deburring, grinding, mixing, sanding, etc. Made in USA.

MAXFLO DB Series Portable Downdraft Booth

Paint Booths
30" W x 24" D

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Paint Booths
48" W x 24" D

MAXFLO DB Series downdraft tables now offers an easy to use portable downdraft booth. The MAXFLO-DB downdraft table is an economical and totally self-contained portable filtration unit. Standard filtration consists of an aluminum mesh pre-filter followed by a MERV 14 (95% @ 1 micron) box filter. Optional HEPA and carbon modules are available. Separate access door allows for easy access to filters. Typical downdraft table applications are: welding, grinding, sanding, dust, powders, and mist collections.

MAXFLO Power Bench Series

MAXFLO PB Series Brochure

The MAXFLO-Power Bench downdraft tables are designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dust, smoke, fumes, and gas/vapor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Downdraft tables are typically, used for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of dry contaminants, the PB series downdraft tables can be used for grinding, sanding, welding, polishing, and dry buffing, etc. The downdraft tables self cleaning systems can be either manual or automatically controlled to minimize maintenance and reduce replacement filter costs. The MAXFLO Powered Bench downdraft tables will help with compliance to local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator's breathing zone.

The MAXFLO-Powered Bench unit comes standard with flame retardant filter cartridges, TEFC motor with non-overloading direct drive blower, dust drawer, and tool-less filter access door. Standard downdraft table top sizes are 42"x50", 42"x76", and 48"x102" and provide 360 degree operator access. Downdraft table top air velocities range from 175-275 feet per minute. Custom downdraft table sizes available.

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