Containment Booths

MAXFLO Dust Control Booths / Containment Booths provide a self-contained environment that removes airborne contaminants from worker breathing zones and prevents pollutants from interfering with other in-plant operations. Diversified Air Systems offers dust collection booths with a complete range of dimensions and customizable options. For welding, sanding, and grinding operations which generate a heavy concentration of dust and/or smoke, the cartridge dust collection booths deliver superior performance. Features and options include sound absorption, re-gain air to enhance capture velocity, sealed florescent lighting, high-efficiency self-cleaning, modular expandable booths, HEPA after-filters, and screw-conveyor automatic disposal of collected dust for ultra-heavy dust loading applications.

MAXFLO-DCB Dust Control Booth

MAXFLO-M Dust Control Module
MAXFLO-CM Portable Dust Control Module

Containment Booths Cartridge Filter Booth
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Industial Applications:

Welding Smoke
Grinding Brazing
Sanding Abrasive blasting
Woodworking Surface finishing
Powders Metal working
Composite dust Buffing
Curring Machining
Overspray Hand Work
Powder coating Batch processing
Aluminum dust Odors/Fumes
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