Stainless Steel Arms & Dust Collectors

MAXFLO Stainless Steel Extractor Arms.Laboratories, food plants and pharmaceutical facilities must follow strict FDA rules and regulations when maintenance procedures are required on the equipment. Some maintenance procedures require complete "wash down" of the equipment. This means that all parts that come in contact with water, soap, or cleansers must be corrosion resistant in order not to contaminate production batches or mixings. The MAXFLO stainless steel fume arm complies with these requirements and greatly reduces costly maintenance shutdowns. The clear FDA flexible hose allows the user to see any debris or build up of powders, dust or any other unwanted contaminents in the joints. MAXFLO stainless steel fume arms are suitable for complete wash down maintenance, 304 luster finish stainless steel tubes, hood and air diverter (optional 316 stainless steel available), all aluminum parts are hard anodized, no internal joints, 5 different diameters and ships fully assembled.

Stainless Steel Arms
Stainless Steel Arm
Stainless Steel Dust Collectors.MAXFLO also provides cartridge dust collectors, ducted or self-contained downdraft tables, portable dust collectors, mist collection systems, and wet collectors in Type 316 or Type 304 stainless steel construction. These non-corrosive, washable units are designed to meet FDA, USDA, and NSF regulatory guidelines in the extraction of food processing dusts, pharmaceutical dusts, and acidic or caustic

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Stainless Steel Portable Cartridge Collector
Stainless Steel Collectors
Wet Dust Collector
Stainless Steel Collectors
Extractor Arm
6" Dia x 10' Length
Stainless Steel Collector
Portable 400 CFM
Dust Collector with Arms

Stainless Steel Collectors
Dust Collector 800 CFM
Ducted to 6" Arm

Stainless Steel Collector
Dust Collectors 1000 CFM

Stainless Steel Collectors
Portable 800 CFM
Dust Collector with 6" Arm