MAXFLO Portable Fume/Paint Booth

MAXFLO portable fume/paint booth is a self-contained source collection system for removing paint fumes and spray from the worker breathing zone; it can simply be rolled to a job, plugged in, and turned on for immediate service. Our portable paint booth features a downdraft air flow pattern, direct drive motor/blower, filters that included a polyester pre filter pad, followed by a 95% main filter with final refillable charcoal module, hinged side shields, florescent light, 120/1/60 with on/off switch and power cord, 5" swivel casters, and acoustic lined blower compartment. This is a plug and play portable paint booth.

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Industrial Paint Booths. For control of overspray, dust, and fumes in automotive and industrial applications, Diversified Air Systems supplies standard paint booths for automotive, truck, bus, and trailer finishing. Constructed of the highest quality galvanized sheet metal, spray booths are available in cross-draft, semi down draft, side down draft and full down draft designs, with standard sizes up to 30' deep. Paint booths may be custom designed for special requirements (such as conveyor openings & crane slots). Dimensions range from control booths for spraying of small parts and limited production runs to ultra-large operations.

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